The judgment in Helen Webberley's appeal was published today - she's is allowed back to practice. What are the implications of this decision for the wider question of medical transition for children?
So far 18 barristers have declared they will act contrary to the barristers' Code of Conduct by refusing to take cases for clients they don't like, or…
My legal action against Eventbrite for unlawful discrimination has ramifications for us all - not least for our Parliamentary democracy
How laws and policies designed to reduce the levels of hatred in society are in fact increasing them and how it feels to be on the sharp end of this
What Eventbrite's response to a Data Subject Access Request reveals about their 'policy led evidence' in the sex versus gender debate
As ever, we need consistent definitions that have majority agreement. One man's 'fucking around' is another woman's 'fighting for freedom'. And who gets…
And who the is determining the nature and scope of these rights? This is a question of particular importance when looking at a child's 'right' to…
I will publish this on both my substack and the Child Protection Resource website because it is important. The public consultation on these proposals…
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